About Wixson Honey, Inc

We are located in Lakemont, New York which is centrally located in the scenic Finger Lakes region of New York State. Lakemont has a beautiful view of Seneca Lake. Our office and plant are located a short distance from Route 14 on the Lakemont Himrod Road.

Wixson Honey carries a complete line of Honey containers and Bee keeping supplies. We also carry all your favorite Local Honey (Clover, Buckwheat and Fall Flower), and have Cream Honey (Plain, Cinnamon and Apricot). We also carry Honey Comb, and boy is it yummy.

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Our History

In 1905 Roscoe F. Wixson, Sr. at the age of 14, bought his first hive of bees, with the permission of his father. The reason he purchased the bees is, he wanted some honey and at that time money was scarce and good honey sold for $12.90 a box. The colony of bees worked out very well and he continued growing his colonies through his school years. In 1918, during the war, a Bee Man was needed in the State of Virginia and Roscoe was appointed to serve the state as Beekeeper Specialist. Roscoe got the flu and decided after his recovery that he wanted to work for himself! So, he came home and in 1919 he built the Wixson Honey Plant pictured above. This photograph was taken in 1920.